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100% Cotton High thread count fabric cover create a supportive pillow for babies. The pillow is cool an comfortable to the touch and protects your baby from allergens and mites.

Available Sizes

  • Small – 10” x 14”
  • Medium – 12” x 18”
  • Large – 14” x 20”

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  • Our Baby Pillow is made from breathable fabrics that promote airflow, helping to prevent overheating and ensuring your baby stays cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • The Baby Pillow strikes the perfect balance between support and softness, providing gentle cushioning for your baby’s head and neck without compromising safety or comfort.
  • Our pillow is specifically designed for babies, with dimensions that are suitable for their smaller heads and bodies. It fits snugly in cribs, bassinets, and other infant sleep environments, ensuring a secure and cozy sleep space for your little one.

10'' X 14'', 12'' X 18'', 14'' X 20''

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